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PFL Founder Donn Davis Confident in Patchy Mix's Edge Over UFC Bantamweight Champ Sean O'Malley

PFL founder Donn Davis expressed his belief that Bellator bantamweight champion Patchy Mix holds an advantage over UFC bantamweight titleholder Sean O'Malley. Davis shared his insights during a post-fight press conference, emphasizing his confidence in Mix's skills and hinting at a potential cross-promotion bout between the two fighters.

During the media rounds following the announcement of the Bellator acquisition, Davis engaged with reporters and delved into the hypothetical matchup between Mix and O'Malley.

While acknowledging the competitiveness of the potential fight, Davis confidently asserted, "Patchy Mix could beat 'Suga.' He doesn't have the hair, but he's got better fighting." Davis believes that the majority of people view it as a close and exciting bout, with Mix potentially holding a slight edge.

Patchy Mix himself is not shy about expressing his confidence in facing O'Malley or any other bantamweight in the MMA scene.

In a recent statement to TMZ Sports, Mix asserted, "I believe deep down, full-heartedly, in my heart of hearts, I actually know I am the best bantamweight in the world." He went on to highlight his versatility, including striking skills, and confidently stated, "I just believe I'm better than him. I think I could finish him within 2.5 rounds. I don't think he'd really have much for me."

Despite Mix's confidence and Davis's optimism about a potential cross-promotion bout, the likelihood of such a matchup happening remains uncertain, given the historical reluctance of the UFC to engage in co-promotion. UFC CEO Dana White has been notably dismissive of the idea, leading Davis to speculate that White's reactions may stem from insecurity regarding PFL's strategic business moves. As the MMA landscape continues to evolve, the potential for cross-promotion clashes remains a tantalizing topic for fight fans.


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