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PFL's Bold Move: Bellator Acquisition and Plans for a Champions Showdown in 2024

In a seismic shift within the world of mixed martial arts, the PFL has stamped its authority by officially acquiring Bellator MMA. This much-speculated sale became a reality as PFL founder Donn Davis took to Twitter to confirm the acquisition, marking a groundbreaking transformation in the combat sports landscape.

“This totally changes the MMA landscape overnight,” remarked Davis in an interview with The Financial Times. “You essentially put two number two companies to create a co-leader. The combined PFL Bellator roster now has 30 percent of its fighters who are ranked top 25 in the world by Fight Matrix. That’s the same as UFC has in their roster.”

The acquisition comes with Paramount, the former owners of Bellator, now holding a minority ownership stake in PFL through the stock exchange—a strategic move to maintain a vested interest in the promotion they once helmed.

Under the reinvigorated Bellator International Champions Series, Bellator will continue to function as an independent promotion, hosting eight annual events, each spotlighting two title fights. Additionally, Bellator fighters currently under contract will have the opportunity to compete within PFL’s format, which includes season-long tournaments and the highly anticipated “super fight” series set to debut on pay-per-view in 2024.

A blockbuster announcement accompanied the acquisition, revealing plans for a colossal showdown in 2024—a mega event that will witness PFL champions clashing against their Bellator counterparts, a momentous occasion that promises to captivate fight fans worldwide.

This deal, in the works for months, culminated following Paramount’s announcement of the closure of Showtime’s sports division, casting uncertainty over Bellator’s future within the network. PFL’s acquisition of Bellator solidifies its status as the unequivocal number two entity in MMA, setting the stage for an era-defining collaboration and elevating the sport to new heights.

The integration of Bellator into the PFL fold signifies a groundbreaking chapter in MMA history, paving the way for a thrilling future filled with unforgettable matchups and a fusion of talent from two powerhouse promotions. As the clock ticks towards 2024, anticipation mounts for the showdown that promises to etch its mark in the annals of combat sports.


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