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PFL Secures Bellator in Million-Dollar Deal: A New Era Dawns in 2024

The long-anticipated sale of Bellator to the PFL has finally come to fruition, marking a significant turning point for the sport. Al Zullino, breaking the silence on the deal, announced that PFL now officially owns Bellator, and the two giants will be running as separate entities until 2026.

The saga of Bellator's sale to PFL has been anything but secretive. 2023 has seen the Scott Coker-led company undergo a rollercoaster of changes and uncertainties. Initially reported by Todd Atkins earlier this summer, the million-dollar deal played out in the public eye, fueled by Viacom's announcement of its intent to exit the combat sports landscape on Showtime. With Bellator in dire need of a new home and the UFC not showing interest, Dana White's skepticism turned into an acknowledgment that the sport's integrity would be at risk if Bellator were to fold.

The completion of the sale marks a new era in MMA. Although the details of the transition are not explicitly outlined in the report, it is expected that PFL will oversee Bellator until 2026 due to prior contractual agreements, mirroring the approach when the UFC acquired Strikeforce in 2011. This strategic move allows for a smooth transition and preserves the value both organizations have built over the years.

MMA enthusiasts are left wondering about the implications of this landmark deal. Will PFL breathe new life into Bellator, taking it to greater heights in the years to come? The possibilities are limitless, and fans are eager to see what unfolds. Heavyweight champion Ryan Bader's revelation that Viacom had been reluctant to support short-notice opponents for Bellator 300 only adds to the intrigue surrounding this acquisition.

As we count down to 2024, MMA fans have every reason to be excited about what the future holds for Bellator and PFL. With a new owner at the helm, the stage is set for a thrilling new chapter in the world of mixed martial arts.


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