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UFC Star Paddy Pimblett shocks fans with his weight gain, but what surprises more is how he drops the weight when he fights. For us fighters its common to see this kind of stuff. Usually its the guys that cant be disciplined that dont WATCH their diets or their scales. Being a fighter myself I know whats it like, Ive made the same mistakes and sin in the same manner jaja. Then to drop the weight its alot of hard work , then even dehydrating yourself to make weight. Many fighters have the method down to a T. Thats why you see fighters weight in at 155 then the day of the fight they are 175. They know how to manipulate their water weight. If your not careful with that and dont hydrate enough you wont be able to be at your best that night. It feels like crap to fight dehydrated and the risk of serious brain injury goes up. Its a serious issue with fighters , not so long ago they made rehydration with iv illegal because of these practices, but now they are replaced with some Gatorade with some Potasium and Magnesium pills but sometimes its not enough. Hopefully Paddy is always the "Baddy" and doesnt go through a fight being dehydrated.


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