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Isaac "Pitbull" Cruz stated in an interview that he will do whatever he needs to do to get a rematch against Geovanta "Tank" Davis because he feels he can beat him this time around. Pitbull also stated that in their first fight he didnt have enough time to train for the fight. Even in those conditions he was able to break Tank's 16 fight KO streak. Pitbulls plan is to beat everyone around so Tank wont have a choice but to fight him again. He will fight Eduardo Ramírez next on september 4th in the Ruiz v.s Ortiz undercard. I hope Pitbull gets what he wants but you guys know that now a days if a fighter doesnt want to fight he moves up in weight or says he wont fight mexicans like Canelo. I sure hope Pitbull gets what he wants because he gave Davis a hell of a fight and the rematch has to be alot better.


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