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Power Slap competitor Jon Kennedy receives a 9-month suspension after testing positive for cocaine.

Jon Kennedy, a light heavyweight competitor in the Power Slap, becomes the first athlete to ever be penalized.

Dana White created an innovative slapping league last year, but it has faced criticism following the controversy. The UFC President was caught slamming his spouse in a Mexican bar before the event could perhaps be broadcast. White eventually said that his penance would be that people would no longer recognize him and flatly refused to convict himself. The situation leads TBS to prolong the show's premiere by one week.

As if that weren't sufficient, the sport has also faced a lot of criticism. The cause is that numerous people are worried about brain injuries in the league. Resistance in Power Slap is blatantly prohibited, unlike all other combat sports that have led to accidents and fatalities. Hence the increased worry for its participants.

Dana White and Power Slap were swiftly sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, lending legitimacy to the league. They made the guidelines more explicit, permitted the utilization of the UFC Apex as a venue, and instructed the business to make sure no one dies.

The brand hasn't yet switched to live broadcast performances, but it intends to do so later this year. The episode has been broadcast on TBS thus far, and all the fights have been taped in advance. Despite the show's poor reviews up until today, they have already achieved history.

A Power Slap contender received the Nevada Athletic Commission's first drug suspension for cocaine consumption. Having followed his knockout defeat to John Davis, contender, and MMA fighter Jon Kennedy, 37, came back positive for a banned substance, the commission announced at its regular meeting held Wednesday. Kennedy participated in the conference virtually. The Power Slap website shows Kennedy's career record of 2-2. He goes by the moniker "Slap Daddy."

Kennedy received a $476 fine, $326 in court costs, and a nine-month suspension. He will indeed be qualified to participate in combat sports in the province yet again on August 30.


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