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Prajanchai Banks on 'Fight IQ' for Victory Against Jonathan Di Bella

Reigning ONE Strawweight Muay Thai World Champion Prajanchai PK Saenchai is gearing up for a historic showdown as he sets his sights on the ONE Strawweight Kickboxing World Championship, currently held by Jonathan Di Bella. The highly anticipated clash is scheduled to headline ONE Friday Fights 58: Superbon vs. Grigorian II, promising an electrifying battle between two elite strikers.


Ahead of the event, Prajanchai shared his thoughts on facing the undefeated Di Bella, acknowledging his opponent's strengths in footwork, punching accuracy, and knee strikes. However, Prajanchai remains undaunted, expressing confidence in his own speed and striking abilities honed through his extensive career in Muay Thai.

Prajanchai emphasized,

"Jonathan Di Bella’s strengths are quick footwork plus his fast and accurate punches. He also has dangerous knee strikes. But on the other hand, he has many weaknesses – but let’s find out in the ring. I’m not worried about his speed at all because I am confident in my speed, as well. So, this fight will be decided by who has more fight IQ."

Reflecting on his transition from Muay Thai to kickboxing, Prajanchai highlighted the appeal of seeking new challenges in the sport. With over 500 Muay Thai fights under his belt, the allure of competing in small gloves in ONE Championship presented an exciting opportunity for growth. Prajanchai seamlessly adapted to the nuances of kickboxing, aligning his style to fit the ruleset while maintaining his signature striking prowess.

Prajanchai's confidence and adaptability make him a formidable challenger for Di Bella's title. As the countdown to their showdown begins, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing these two elite fighters collide in the ring.


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