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Professional Boxer ROBBED In TIJUANA !

Tanque Gabriel Garcia was in TIJUANA like many times before and only there for one thing The very one thing he has always been passionate about, that is boxing.

He went on a foggy morning to catch and early morning workout so he would be primed and ready when it was time to put on a show for the people as he always does. He was jovial and ready to get in the square ring to give a rival the opportunity for a rematch.

This prior opponent was easily dispatched in the early rounds by knockout at the Big Punch Arena March 20, 2021. Misael Sanchez wanted redemption for Tanque Gabriel Garcia making him look like easy work. This is where the story takes a brutal turn...

Something was foul in the air and the fans could smell it this night for sure. From the

headbutts to the dirty boxing having a blind eye to it all was non other than an egregious

scoring system.

The fans knoiw who won the fight and so does Misael Sanchez. The people are speaking out about the bout and hghly favor the victory to TANQUE GABRIEL GARCIA. What fight

were the judges scoring that night ? They must have been watching another event other than

Tanque Gabriel Garcia vs Misael Sanchez. There were no points deducted and the way the decision was read left the fans to not feel good about these judges.


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