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Promoter Eddie Hearn Frustrated with Drama Surrounding Wardley vs. Clarke Mandatory Fight

Eddie Hearn, the promoter for British heavyweight champion Fabio Wardley, finds himself frustrated and disappointed with the recent turn of events surrounding the mandatory fight between Wardley and Olympic bronze medal winner Frazer Clarke. The British Boxing Board of Control had ordered Wardley to defend his title against Clarke, but the purse bids, which were scheduled to take place, were abruptly canceled when Clarke's promoter, Boxxer, withdrew him from the bidding process. Hearn believes the situation is a "shambles" and expresses concern for Wardley's career momentum, as he now needs to find a new fight date to stay active.

Drama and Conflicting Claims

The saga took a dramatic turn when Boxxer CEO Ben Shalom claimed to have offered Wardley a career-high purse to face Clarke on Sky Sports. However, Wardley took to social media to dispute Shalom's statement, revealing that the money offered was actually less than what he earned in his last fight. The conflicting claims added fuel to the frustration surrounding the situation, casting doubt on the intentions and transparency of those involved.

Hearn's Frustration

Eddie Hearn, known for his straightforward approach to promoting fights, expressed his exasperation with the entire ordeal. Speaking to IFL TV, Hearn labeled the situation as "the biggest shambles" he has ever witnessed. He lamented the interference of mandatory defenses and boxing politics, which can hinder the progress of rising fighters like Wardley. Hearn emphasized his primary concern for Wardley's career, as the unexpected turn of events disrupted their plans. With the fight against Clarke falling through, Hearn now faces the challenge of finding a new opponent and securing a fight date, potentially delaying Wardley's progress.

Disappointment for Frazer Clarke

While Hearn's frustration is evident, he also expressed sympathy for Frazer Clarke, emphasizing that the cancellation of the fight has negatively impacted the credibility and reputation of the Olympic bronze medalist. Clarke, who was eager to face Wardley, now finds himself in a difficult position. Instead of a high-profile showdown, Clarke is left with a fight against Harry Armstrong at York Hall on June 10, which lacks the same level of attention and significance. Hearn believes that Clarke has been let down and will face ridicule as a result.

Allegations of Fear

Hearn also criticized Ben Shalom and Boxxer for their alleged reluctance to lose the purse bid to Matchroom and DAZN. Hearn believes that the fear of losing the bid was a significant factor in Shalom's decision-making process. He argued that the fight between Wardley and Clarke had tremendous potential, generating substantial press and creating a classic all-British heavyweight title clash. Hearn accused Shalom of robbing the fans and the fighters of an eagerly anticipated matchup due to his unwillingness to take the risk.


The drama surrounding the Wardley vs. Clarke mandatory fight has left promoter Eddie Hearn frustrated and disappointed. The cancellation of the purse bids and the conflicting claims regarding the offered purse have added further confusion to an already chaotic situation. With Wardley's career momentum disrupted and Frazer Clarke left with a lesser fight, Hearn believes the fans and the fighters have been deprived of an exciting all-British heavyweight showdown. The incident highlights the challenges and complexities that can arise in the world of boxing promotion, where politics and conflicting interests can derail anticipated matchups.


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