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Public Punching Bags In New York

It's no secret that New Yorkers love to fight. Mike Tyson is from Brooklyn, if that says anything. Well now New Yorkers have access to public punching bags! That guy next to you at the crosswalk pissing you off? Go to town on the bag. Your boss just fire you? Hit the bag!

Imagine being a tourist and walking into New Yorker culture like. "Holy crap that guy is really going to town on that punching bag, I wonder who pissed him off?!" Or being a tourist and being pissed off by a native Yorker to then you yourself go to town on said bag.

Reading the comments about these things is pretty funny. Some people suggest punching is not a good healthy hoping mechanism for anger. I would like to disagree with them as punching people who make me angry always makes me feel better, it's just frowned upon.

I feel like New York is leading the world with these. We need these in every city. Every state, everywhere. Maybe these things will help curve violent crimes. New York started installing these in 2019, so in 2 years there violent crime has actually deterred. This has nothing to do with Covid restrictions or actual crime deterrents. I'm a science man and this is obviously science that someone science'd up in a science lab.

Public punching bags = good for society.


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