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Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Opens Up About Emotional Moment After Teammate's Defeat

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson revealed a rare emotional moment in his career, sharing that he broke down in tears after witnessing his friend and teammate Michael Bisping suffer a brutal knockout loss. Jackson, known for his tough exterior, recalled the night of UFC 100 when Dan Henderson delivered a devastating right hand that knocked out Bisping in a dramatic finish.

In a candid moment on his podcast, Jackson confessed,

"I never cried when I got knocked out, but when Bisping got knocked out the one time — it was [Dan Henderson] — I cried in the locker room! He got knocked out that bad, I felt really bad. I’m almost ashamed to say it."

Jackson explained that he and Bisping were close like brothers at the time, along with fellow fighter Cheick Kongo, and the loss deeply affected him.

Jackson expressed feelings of responsibility, wondering if he could have done more to help Bisping prepare for the fight. He felt a sense of guilt that lingered after the knockout, leading to a rare emotional display for the typically stoic fighter.

In contrast, Dan Henderson, who was a guest on the podcast, admitted that he did not share Jackson's emotional reaction, simply responding with "No" when asked if he ever cried watching one of his teammates suffer a loss.

Despite the heartbreaking defeat, Bisping went on to achieve success in his career, eventually becoming the UFC middleweight champion and securing a victory over Henderson in their rematch in 2016. While the knockout at UFC 100 remains a significant moment in UFC history, it also serves as a reminder of the emotional toll that combat sports can take on fighters and their teammates.


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