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Remembering Chavez v.s Whitaker.

With the Spence v.s Crawford fight at the end of the month I cant help but remember the big P4P fight when I was a kid. It was the Chavez v.s Whitaker fight. I believe it was the biggest fight of the decade but honestly the fight wasnt that exciting. I have to admit Whitaker put on a máster boxing class on Chavez. Chávez frankly didnt know how to cut him off to get him. Whitaker was on another level that night, both were great in a time of lions. The level of the boxers back in the day was very high. Both were a little past their prime but were still at the top and champions. The Chavez v.s Whitaker fight ended in controversial draw. Many newspapers and magazines of that time declared the fight to be a robbery. Everyone saw Whitaker the clear winner of that fight. A little after that fight Chavez lost for the very first time in 89 fights to rugged Frankie "The surgeon" Randle. That day México cried for their champ loosing , but thats another story. Stay tuned for the Spence v.s Crawford fight I believe it cannot be a boring fight based on their style it will not disapoint , plus the Nonito Donaire v.s Alejandro Santiago has been added to the fight card. So that makes it even better to tune in and WATCH that event.


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