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Remembering Pablo Dano. A king without a crown.

Pablo Dano was a little iron man of the ring, a quick fisted 5'1" terror, with seemingly inexhaustible stamina and durability. During a career that saw him fight the top men from flyweight to junior lightweight. Dano held the rare distinction of never had been stopped in over 200 fights!!!

Born on July 12, 1908, in Bato, Leyte, Philipines, Dano started his fighting career in 1924, at the early age of 16. For the first three years of his professional career, Dano fought exclusively in his homeland of the Philipines, but in 1927 he ventured to America, where his busy and aggressive style made him an instant hit with the fans around the world. Dano was one of the first of a wave of filipino fighters from various weight divisions, who stormed the American rings during the late 20's and 30's.

During his career, Dano fought many elite fighters, champions and hall of famers such as: Jhonny McCoy, Corporal Izzy Schwartz, Newsboy Brown, Little Pancho, Peppy Sanchez, Midget Wolgast, Juan Zurita, Speedy Dado, Chalky Wright, Henry Hook, Lou Scalica, Baby Arizmendi, Aurel Toma, Georgie Pace, Tommy Forte, Manuel Ortiz, and Tony Marino.

However, he was never ever to secure a world title for himself.

The highpoint of Dano's career came when he won a version of the world bantamweight title. On March 26, 1935, Dano stopped his fellow filipino Young Tommy in the 8th round to win the California State Bantamweight Title.

Dano had his final fight on April 8, 1941 when Billy Banks out-pointed him over six rounds.

Pablo Dano's final record is 114-57-39 with 37 knockouts.

The little iron man lived till November 23, 1994, when he passed away aged 86 years old. A boxing great who never won a world title.


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