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Remembering The G-Man.

Gerald Mc Clellan nicknamed G-Man. Most feared and Concussive puncher knockout artist had stopped 29 opponents out of his 31 professional fights and also recorded amazing 20 first round spectacular knockouts. February 25th 1995 at London WBC Super Middle Weight Championship fight between defending Champion Nigel " Dark Destroyer " Benn and Challenger Gerald " G-Man " Mc Clellan was one of the most vicious ring war there has ever seen, it was brutal and fiercely fought Super Middle Weight Championship fight .It was an experience that left Nigel Benn totally drained he was never the same after that fight. McClellan wasnt the same man either after that war, he lost his sight had speech problems due to the damage to the brain suffered during the fight, his sister takes care of him. Its a sad ending to McClellan's great career and having one of the highest KO ratios in the game at that time.


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