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Retirement? Dustin Poirier has a secret message after the loss of UFC 269

It is a great honour for any fighter to fight for the title fight. But it is very sad for a fighter to lose a title fight twice. That's what we saw with Poirier. When Poirier once again climbed to the top of the lightweight division and challenged for the undisputed Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 155-pound title. And despite coming closer than ever to winning the ballot, "The Diamond" lost to UFC 269 at the hands of Charles Oliveira, knocked out of the Naked Square from behind in Round Three. This was Poirier's second chance to win a gold belt. The first is against Khabib Nurmagomedov in 2019. The Eagle had won the previous match against Naked Chalk. But now it looks like the Diamonds will soon have a chance to claim a third championship. With tears in his eyes, Poirier stepped onto the podium at the UFC 269 post fight press conference and discussed the difficult loss. "I wasn't sure if he would fight another long battle for UFC Gold." "I can do whatever I want in my mind," Poirier added. "I could fight for another belt. I could go to the other side. I could claw and climb and go back to where I wanted to be. It's just, 'Do I want to?' This is the question that needs to be looked at in the mirror. Do I want to do it again? Should I go down this road again? The answer will come in the next two days or one or two weeks. "I will let it pass and see what lies ahead for me, but in my heart and if I should do it I will fight for another world honour here." Poirier had a hard time getting his first title shot. When he advanced to a six-fight unbeaten streak with victories over three former or current UFC champions (Max Holloway, Eddie Alvarez and Anthony Pettis). After losing his first title shot to Nurmagomedov, Poirier did not give up and started trying again for the title shot when he defeated Dan Hocker by a unanimous decision. In January, he defeated Connor McGregor in the second round of the TKO, avenging the 2014 defeat. Poirier and McGregor fought for the third time this summer. Poirier also won that battle with TKO. After breaking McGregor's leg in the competition But unfortunately for the second time Poirier also failed to get gold. The defeat for the second time has made Poirier very upset. Which has created a lot of rumors. Including the retirement of a Poirier. Only time will tell. What do you think Poirier will decide in the coming days or weeks? Will Poirier be able to see the octagon again?


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