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Riggs to make His Boxing Return in October.

Joe "Diesel" Riggs will make his boxing return in october 28th in Colima México. Riggs has just signed with FIGHT.TV and they are going for all the marbles. Riggs decided to fight in october against tuff mexican fighter Ricardo "Dinamita" Ortiz . His nickname says it all and thats exactly what Riggs wants, he wants to fight good fighters with ranking. This fight will be for the W.B.L International super Cruiserweight Title. Ricardo "Dinamita" Ortiz is a real boxer, he isnt no Youtuber or influencer or MMA fighter trying to box. Riggs made the decisión to fight Ortiz because negociations with the Paul brothers and the Diaz brothers didnt go far because they didnt want to loose and they cant pay Riggs enough to take a dive either. In the negociations it really seems they dont want any of the "Diesels" smoke.


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