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Riggs VS Coronado - When Two Legends Collide

Riggs VS Coronado
Riggs VS Coronado

There's not many fighters in the world today who have been competing since the early days of MMA and are still fighting in the limelight. One being Joe "Diesel" Riggs out of the United States who has famously competed in the UFC, Bellator, Strikeforce, BKFC, and a slew of other promotions. The other being Hector "Uncle Creepy" Coronado who has decades of experience in professional boxing. They are both set to collide on December 2nd for an international title.

Joe Diesel Riggs and Hector Coronado are two fighters who need no introduction to those who follow the world of combat sports. Joe Riggs, known for his illustrious career in mixed martial arts, is a true veteran of the fight game. Over the years, he has faced some of the toughest opponents across different weight classes and earned a reputation for his unwavering determination and powerful strikes.

On the other hand, Hector Coronado is a promising and talented boxer from Mexico with a record that speaks for itself. He has built a name for himself within the Mexican boxing community and is well-regarded for his boxing prowess, speed, and ring intelligence. When two warriors of such caliber step into the boxing ring, it promises an electrifying showdown.

The Riggs vs. Coronado matchup is not just a clash of styles but also a fascinating crossover event between mixed martial arts and professional boxing. Joe Diesel Riggs, who made his mark in the MMA world, is making the transition to the boxing ring for this fight, bringing with him a wealth of combat experience. Hector Coronado, with his boxing background, will aim to use his expertise to defend his turf and assert his dominance in this unique encounter.

This fight matters for several reasons. First and foremost, it's a test of skill and adaptability. How will Joe Riggs fare in a new discipline? Will Hector Coronado be able to defend his home turf and prove that boxing is a different beast altogether? The answers to these questions are what make this event so compelling.

This bout underscores the unifying power of combat sports. Riggs and Coronado represent two different worlds within the combat sports spectrum and their willingness to face each other demonstrates the shared spirit of competition and respect that binds fighters, regardless of their chosen disciplines.

The upcoming bout between Joe Diesel Riggs and Hector Coronado is not just a fight; it's an event that encapsulates the excitement and unpredictability that makes combat sports so captivating. As December 2nd approaches, fight fans around the world eagerly await this extraordinary showdown, ready to witness history being made in the professional boxing ring. Stay tuned to Fight.TV for all the action, as two warriors from different worlds come together for a night of unforgettable combat sports entertainment.


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