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Riggs wants to settle the fued by knocking out Diaz.

Most old school fight fans know that Joe "Diesel" Riggs and Nick Diaz dont like eachother, they fought once in the UFC and then in the hospital that same night on febuary 4th 2006. Its been almost 20 years since that fight but the animosity lives on. Riggs would love a boxing bout against Diaz and knock him out. Especially since so-called experts say he has such good stricking, Riggs wants to test that. As a fan it would be a great fight if Diaz would dare to be great and take on a tuff brawler like Riggs but lets be honest that slap boxing may work in MMA but we saw how Nate didnt even tickle soft youtuber Jake Paul, so that slap boxing or tip tap stuff wont fly in real boxing. On the other hand Riggs has been trainning only hands and has been doing bare knuckle fighting the past few years, it really doesnt get tuffer than that. Well the Rigg's team has been trying to make the fight happen , let's see how ganster Nick Diaz really is, or is it just for show.


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