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RIZIN Champion Juan Archuleta Eyes Rematch with Bellator's Patchy Mix

Juan Archuleta, the reigning RIZIN bantamweight champion, is gearing up for a crucial title defense this Saturday, eager to secure a rematch with Bellator titleholder Patchy Mix. Archuleta is set to face former titleholder Kai Asaukra in the co-main event of RIZIN 45, but his sights are already set on a potential showdown with Mix in the near future.

In a recent interview with the JAXXON Podcast, Archuleta expressed his desire for a rematch with Mix, citing their previous encounter where he emerged victorious. He revealed that he has discussed the potential rematch with PFL boss Donn Davis, proposing that the fight would bring together three prominent MMA brands – Bellator, PFL, and RIZIN.

Mix, known for his impressive 19-1 record and victories over notable fighters like Sergio Pettis, is considered one of the top talents outside of the UFC. However, with PFL lacking a bantamweight division, Archuleta sees an opportunity for a cross-promotional bout that could unify titles and showcase the best of both organizations.

Looking ahead to a potential matchup, Archuleta highlighted the significance of their rematch, stating,

"I think the first event they’ll have [in 2024] is the PFL champions versus the Bellator champions. They only have six weight classes, and those six weight classes are going to fight.
I said hey, I texted Donn Davis, ‘I’m in a strange predicament here. We have an opportunity to put three promotions into one, and you’re talking about being a global mixed martial arts promotion’."

Archuleta is confident that a victory in his upcoming title defense will strengthen his case for a rematch with Mix, emphasizing the potential for a global impact and setting a new standard for cross-promotional fights.

As the anticipation builds for his bout this weekend, Archuleta remains focused on his immediate challenge while keeping an eye on the bigger picture – a potential clash with Mix that could reshape the landscape of MMA championships.


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