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RIZIN's Dynamic Shift: Roberto Satoshi's Return and Chihiro Suzuki's Title Defense Get New Dates

Roberto Satoshi wins the fight
Roberto Satoshi

In an unexpected twist, RIZIN Fighting Federation has reshuffled its upcoming events, introducing fresh names and altering dates for an even more thrilling lineup. Brace yourselves for the revamped RIZIN 46, now known as RIZIN Landmark 9, set to captivate audiences on April 29 in Tokyo, while RIZIN 47 gears up for an unforgettable showdown on May 6.

The fighting world is abuzz with excitement as the return of lightweight champion Roberto Satoshi takes center stage at RIZIN Landmark 9. In a statement that echoes through the martial arts community, Satoshi's comeback clash with Keita Nakamura is set to electrify fans. Despite the belt not being on the line, this battle promises an intense showcase of skill and determination.

As RIZIN aficionados eagerly await Satoshi's return, it's essential to note that the Brazilian hasn't defended his title since April 2022, where he secured victory over Johnny Case with a lightning-fast armbar in less than four minutes. Satoshi's journey since then has seen ups and downs, including a recent bout in July 2023 against Patricky Pitbull as part of the Bellator Lightweight Grand Prix.

Meanwhile, featherweight champion Chihiro Suzuki's title defense against veteran Masanori Kanehara has undergone a strategic date change. Originally slated for May, this highly anticipated clash will now unfold a week earlier, adding an extra layer of anticipation to the April event.

Suzuki, a formidable force in the featherweight division, faces a seasoned opponent in Kanehara, promising an exhilarating match-up that fans won't want to miss. Suzuki's last appearance in the ring showcased his prowess, and this upcoming title defense is poised to be a defining moment in his career.

As RIZIN continues to evolve and surprise, the stage is set for a spectacular series of events. Stay tuned for RIZIN Landmark 9 and RIZIN 47, where martial arts excellence takes center stage in Tokyo.


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