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Robert Whittaker Cheers for Belal Muhammad's Potential Title Win

UFC star Robert Whittaker has thrown his support behind Belal Muhammad's quest for a world title, citing the potential uproar from MMA fans as a compelling reason. Muhammad has been steadily building his reputation in the welterweight division, generating buzz and controversy along the way. Whittaker finds Muhammad's ability to stir conversation intriguing, making him a fighter to watch.

Robert Whittaker

Muhammad's path to the title runs through Leon Edwards, the current champion. Their first fight ended controversially due to an eye poke that forced Muhammad to stop.

This unfinished business has added fuel to the rivalry, with fans and pundits alike speculating on the outcome of a potential rematch.

Despite Muhammad facing criticism for his outspoken nature, Whittaker finds himself drawn to Muhammad's character.

"The more people hate on him [Muhammad], the more I like him,"

Whittaker remarked, highlighting the divisive nature of Muhammad's persona. Whittaker sees Muhammad's potential title win as a source of entertainment, anticipating the uproar it would cause among MMA fans.

While Whittaker respects Edwards and does not wish for his defeat, he finds the prospect of Muhammad holding the belt amusing. "I'm just saying, it'd be a funny dynamic," Whittaker added, emphasizing the intriguing narrative surrounding Muhammad's rise in the welterweight division.


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