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Romero's Head Trainer Hoping For Isaac Cruz Next: "He’ll Be An Easier Fight Than Tank"

Cromwell "Bullet" Gordon ignored the critics. Instead, the former professional boxer turned trainer kept his head down and worked hard to prepare Rolando "Rolly" Romero for his May 28 match against Gervonta Davis.

As Davis delivered the decisive blow in the sixth round to halt the fight and damage Romero's record, the sold-out Barclays Center audience in Brooklyn celebrated heartily. Gordon is optimistic Romero will recover well despite having to start over and work on their faults. Gordon is hoping that a date will be set shortly for the highly regarded 135-pound contender to make his return to the ring.

“We’re looking late this year, early next year,” said Gordon to

Gordon recognizes no reason why Romero (14-1, 12 KOs) should take a step back before launching another ferocious push toward the leading spot in the division. Romero is motivated to exploit their setback as a slingshot into the public limelight.

Gordon hopes Davis decides to revive his rivalry with Romero and give him an immediate rematch while a suitable opponent is being developed. Despite this, Gordon would welcome a high-stakes matchup versus fellow top competitor Isaac "Pitbull" Cruz because a sequel is uncertain.

“We would like the rematch,” continued Gordon. “If we don’t get that, we’re looking at maybe someone that wants to fight us, which is not really a lot of people that want to fight Rolly. Pitbull is a willing and able opponent. I think that's a good fight. I think it’s a very, very good fight. I think it would sell as well.”

Cruz's claim to fame is a widely publicized matchup against Davis, similar to Romero's. Both sides would meet in the center of the ring at the very end of the 2021 calendar year and engage in a full-scale battle.

Cruz's chin stood up just fine despite Davis's reputation for having a lethal knockout power, but he ultimately lost a close but conclusive unanimous decision. Cruz (24-2-1, 17 KOs) has won back-to-back fights by way of stoppage after pushing the Baltimore native to the limit. Nevertheless, Gordon is unafraid of what Cruz brings to the table despite his heinous rampage. Gordon laughs evilly as he imagines Romero having little to no issue killing his victim given Cruz's come-forward technique of approach.

“He’ll be an easier fight than Tank because you're gonna stand there and go toe-to-toe. Rolly’s hitting harder than these guys. If you're standing in front of Rolly you're just a punching bag.”


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