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Ronda Rousey vs Shayna Baszler: A Clash of MMA Titans at WWE SummerSlam

Ronda Rousey vs Shayna Baszler: A Clash of MMA Titans at WWE SummerSlam

WWE fans are in for a treat as two former MMA stars will face off in a special “MMA Rules” match at SummerSlam on August 5, 2023. Ronda Rousey, the former UFC women’s bantamweight champion, will take on her former training partner and friend, Shayna Baszler, in a bout that can only end by knockout or submission.

Rousey and Baszler have a long history together, dating back to their days as members of the “Four Horsewomen” of MMA, along with Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir. The four women were known for their dominance and loyalty in the sport, often supporting each other in their fights and training sessions.

However, things took a turn for the worse when Baszler betrayed Rousey and attacked her during a tag team match on WWE Raw. Baszler claimed that she was tired of living in Rousey’s shadow and that she wanted to prove that she was the better fighter and wrestler. Baszler also mocked Rousey’s MMA career, saying that she was a “better Ronda Rousey” than her.

Rousey, who has been one of the top stars in WWE since her debut in 2018, did not take kindly to Baszler’s words and actions. She challenged Baszler to a match at SummerSlam, with the stipulation that it would be under MMA rules. Rousey said that she wanted to show Baszler the “sobering reality” of facing her in a real fight.

The match between Rousey and Baszler is expected to be one of the highlights of SummerSlam, which will take place at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. Both women have impressive MMA records, with Rousey holding a 12-2 record and Baszler holding a 15-11 record. Both women are also skilled in judo and grappling, making them formidable opponents for each other.

Who will emerge victorious in this clash of MMA titans? Will Rousey prove that she is still the best in the business? Or will Baszler shock the world and defeat her former mentor? Find out at SummerSlam, only on WWE Network.


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