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Rose Namajunas Apologizes for UFC 274 Performance and Dana White shuts down talk of trilogy between

The first of two UFC 274 Championship matches was not as exciting as previously thought, but a new champion in the Strawweight Division was named.

Rose Namajunas entered UFC 274 not only to retain her strawweight title but also to avenge her 2014 defeat to Carla Esparza. The spectators thought that there would be a fierce bloody feud between two tremendous fighters.

But the contest ended in the lightest fight in UFC history in which no woman did anything in five rounds before Esparza was decided to split, becoming the UFC champion, losing more than seven titles. Years later

To say that there has been very little fighting. By the end of the five rounds, the two women had unofficially held less than 70 joint strikes.

From the first seconds, most of the fight was fought with two women standing at a distance, throbbing and occasionally hitting from a distance where they were unlikely to land. The lack of action led the crowd to the first smell before turning to complete numbness.

The decisive factor in the fight was Esparza's take-down, of which he landed only a handful and never placed Namajonas on the canvas for any particular time. Still, the take-down was a demonstration of aggression that was more than Namajonas offered at any point in the fight.

When the official scorecards were read, two of the three judges voted for Esparza with scores of 48-47 and 49-46, while the third judge awarded the fight to Namajonas with a score of 47-48.

With this victory, Esparza became the champion for the second time in the history of the division. Esparza won another fight in gold, winning five fights over Verina Gendreroba, Alexa Grasso, Michelle Waterson, Marina Rodriguez, and Jan Xianan, and went on to achieve her goal.

At the other end of the spectrum, Namajonas' second title reign and the three-fight winning streak ended. The loss was the first of five matches in which Namajonas failed to win.

Rose Namajunas experienced a lot of emotions after losing to Carla Esparza in UFC 274.

"I'm sorry, I talked," he wrote. "Definitely feel like a human being, but it will make me a better [fighter]. Greet Carla and thank everyone who is there for me.

Namajonas is now 0-2 against Esparza, as she dropped out of the "Cookie Monster" in the final of "The Ultimate Fighter 20" in December 2014 to advance to the third round of the UFC's inaugural Strawweight Championship. There is not much demand for the trio, which was acknowledged by UFC President Dana White.

The UFC boss suggested that a rematch between Zhang Weili and Joanna Jedrzejic in Singapore would pose the next challenge for the new champion.

The question is, who do you see as the next challenger? Who will be the victim of Esparza?


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