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Ryan Garcia’s Dad Makes a Shocking Admission

According to (Ryan’s dad), the weight restrictions that Gervonta Davis imposed on Ryan for their fight last Saturday night in Las Vegas, left him feeling exhausted. Ryan (23-1, 19 KOs), according to Henry, informed him that his "legs were gone" as soon as he entered the ring.

The 10-pound rehydration clause and 136-pound catchweight proved to be too much for Ryan, 24, who was rendered vulnerable to a knockout last night.

Regarding the seventh-round body shot stoppage, Henry makes a clue regarding a problem Ryan had that is connected to the fact that he was wounded by a hit to the abdomen. At this moment, it is unclear if Ryan endured pain while suffering from a rib injury or another physical issue.

Henry says he won't discuss the matter right away but keeps the door open to sharing his secret in the future.

“He was gaining momentum, and I saw that. I told Ryan, ‘You elevated yourself back to a close decision. Just be careful,’ and then the body shot came,” said Henry Garcia.
“He did say it hurt him, and he said, ‘If I continue,’ he said he was going to get hurt. He said, ‘I’m not going to do that. He landed a good shot.’ There’s something else behind that, but I’m not going to reveal that at the moment, but the body shot did take its toll on him.”
“Had he not taken those stipulations, this fight wouldn’t have occurred. He did tell me personally on a side note, ‘Dad, I did feel it as soon as I got in the ring. My legs were a little gone, but I wanted this fight,’ because he’s always dreamed about it, and it happened."

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