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Ryan Garcia's Jaw-Dropping Earnings Revealed! You Won't Believe How Much He Made!

Ryan Garcia is poised to earn a substantial sum, potentially exceeding $50 million, from his recent boxing match against Devin Haney. Dubbed 'KingRy,' Garcia made his return to the ring in a highly anticipated bout on DAZN pay-per-view over the weekend.

Ryan Garcia

Facing his long-time rival Devin Haney, with whom he had six encounters as an amateur, Garcia's victory was a significant moment in his career.

Despite their even split in the amateur series, with each boxer claiming three wins, Haney entered the ring as the clear favorite. This was partly due to Garcia's pre-fight behavior, which he himself described as "crazy," leading to some wild betting odds.

However, Garcia backed himself by placing millions on his own victory, a decision that ultimately paid off. Over the course of 12 rounds, Garcia secured three knockdowns and emerged victorious with a majority decision.

In a recent interview with Patrick Bet-David, Garcia revealed that he anticipates earning between $30 million and $50 million from the bout. This figure includes his purse, the winnings from his bets, as well as his share of the gate and pay-per-view revenues.

The final amount is still subject to the tallying of pay-per-view and ticket sales, which will significantly impact Garcia's overall earnings. Oscar De La Hoya has indicated that Garcia's return fight against Haney performed well on DAZN.

"I don’t know [if my antics helped the fight overall] but I think it brought more eyes to it," Garcia commented on his recent appearance on the PBD Podcast. "The casual fans. I don’t know about the pay-per-view or tickets but we’re going to find out real soon. I’m projected to make around thirty to fifty million from the fight."

Regarding the pay-per-view numbers, Garcia mentioned,

"No [they haven’t released the pay-per-view numbers yet]. But Oscar said that they are very good. Very good, yeah."

While Garcia's match with Haney was financially rewarding, he is already looking ahead to even bigger fights. Since his return to the ring, Garcia has expressed interest in a rematch with Gervonta Davis and a potential showdown with UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley.


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