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Ryan Garcia's Weight Mishap Adds Drama to Devin Haney Showdown

Garcia misses the weight
Ryan Garcia

In a surprising turn of events leading up to their highly anticipated championship bout, Ryan Garcia has found himself in hot water after missing weight for his clash against WBC titleholder Devin Haney at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The incident, reported by veteran boxing journalist Dan Rafael, has added an extra layer of drama to an already intense matchup.

Garcia's failure to meet the 140-pound limit by more than three pounds has raised concerns among fans and experts alike. This misstep is part of a series of erratic behaviors exhibited by Garcia in recent months, sparking speculations about his readiness and focus for the fight.

Dan Rafael's report revealed that Garcia tipped the scales at 143.2 pounds, rendering him ineligible to contend for the super lightweight title. What makes this oversight even costlier for Garcia is the pre-fight agreement made between him and Haney. During a press conference just a day before the weigh-in, both fighters agreed that any weight miss would result in a hefty penalty of $500,000 per pound.

Despite the setback, Garcia and Haney upheld their agreement, with Haney confirming on social media that Garcia had fulfilled his financial obligation.

Golden Boy Promotions, Garcia's promotional company, issued an official statement addressing the situation and confirming that the fight will proceed as scheduled. Additionally, Garcia has reportedly paid Haney the penalty for missing weight, ensuring that the championship bout remains intact.

The incident has sparked discussions within the boxing community about the importance of discipline and professionalism leading up to high-stakes fights. As the showdown between Garcia and Haney approaches, the spotlight is not just on their skills in the ring but also on their ability to handle the pressures of the sport outside it.


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