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Salt Papi vs Josh Bruekner fight report

fight that offers enough to excite the masses, including those outside of the influencer boxing world as these two skilful and technical fighters clash on the KSI v Faze Temper undercard in the Misfits x DAZN 004 card in London, England.

Dubbed by many as the ‘battle of the boogiemen’ as these two have become widely avoided in the scene and now are set to clash against one another.

Both fighters enter the ring unbeaten with all of their fights ending early in their favour, someone’s 0 has got to go. Salt Papi come into the fight with a record of 2-0, while his opponent comes in with the same boxing record, with addition to his winning MMA record.

The winner of this bout a real contender in this scene with potential to call out the biggest names in the scene such as KSI, Jake Paul and Slim.

Both fighters had a lot of respect for each other in the build up, but let known their confidence with Salt Papi saying “I’m going to make this s*** look easy” and Josh Bruekner not letting his words go, insinuating he would let his boxing do the talking.

The crowd was electric as the fighters entered the ring, Salt Papi having the sold out London crowd on his side. Both men entered with a cool and calm aura, ready to put on fireworks in the ring in what is dubbed as the ‘people’s main event’ by the masses.

Round One

Salt Papi surrenders a heavy height and reach advantage as he came to the centre of the ring, popping his jab. Josh started to chase Salt Papi, missing all that he through on the slick Philly shelled Salt Papi.

Salt Papi landed a flurry mid round, before dodging a return in slick fashion.

Josh Bruekner finished a technical round with a combination that didn’t seem to have an effect on his opponent who came out on top in the first of four rounds.

Round Two

Papi was the first to land, a straight right that beat the guard, starting a flurry between the two, Josh getting the better of it.

1 minute and 41 seconds left on the clock, Salt Papi landed a bomb of a straight left hand right on the button after a quiet period, dropping his opponent to the canvas, Josh unable to get back to his feet, awarding Salt Papi the knockout victory.

Salt Papi demonstrated slick technique throughout, showcasing his professional ability of range control, shot selection and vast skill set, as well as he devastating power that can finish just about anyone in this scene.

It will be interesting to see who he will face next with his calling out King Kenny ringside and previously stating his desire to fight KSI and Jake Paul next.

In his post fight interview, Salt Papi said “I want to fight Pineda next time”, offering another option for his next bout, facing the Mexican who won on his return on the same card.

“I want to fight the best. I want to fight Jake Paul” he furthered.

Before facing King Kenny face to face, who he demanded signs the contract.

It is clear to see Salt Papi is one of the best in this scene.


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