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The great Salvador Sanchez was born January 26th, 1959 in a town called Santiago Tianguistenco, México. With very few amateur fights he turned pro at the young age of 16 taking on much more experienced boxers. In only his 19th fight he fought for the Mexican National title, he lost by points that night, that was his only loss in the ring. From then on he went on a winning spree beating all the greats of the time like Trinidad Sr, Danny "Little Red" Lopez for the world championship that he would never lose in the ring. He was immortalized when he beat another great Wilfedo Gomez. Gomez was a terror at the time beating everybody until he fought Sanchez. Sanchez took him to school that night and winning by KO. He also gave african great Azumah Nelson his first loss in a fight that was a war. Sanchez died shortly after in a car accident. He died on the highway between Querétaro and San Luis Potosí, he was driving a Porsche 928 and died on the spot. He was only 23 years old. Its been 40 years since he died and people still ask themselves what if he would of not died? Would of Azumah Nelson reigned the featherweights? If he fought Alexis Arguello what then? Also would Julio César Chavez made it that long without a loss if they would of fought? All those questions sadly will go without an answer. We will never know.


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