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Savannah Marshall's Bold Move: From Boxing Rivalry to MMA Showdown with Claressa Shields

Savannah Marshall signs with PFL
Claressa Sheilds and Savannah Marshall

Savannah Marshall, known for her prowess in the boxing ring, is stepping into the MMA world with a specific target in mind: a rematch with her long-standing rival, Claressa Shields. Marshall's decision to sign with the PFL is not just about competition; it's about building anticipation for a showdown that transcends sports boundaries.

The rivalry between Marshall and Shields dates back to their boxing match in October 2022, where Shields emerged victorious. Now, the stage is set for a different kind of battle, one that will unfold in the cage under the PFL banner.

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Marshall expressed her eagerness for the rematch and the strategic approach behind her move to MMA. She sees each fight leading up to a potential clash with Shields as an opportunity to hype the match up and create a compelling narrative for fight fans.

Marshall's journey into MMA has been a gradual process. Despite initially stepping away from the sport after a brief introduction in 2013, she found herself drawn back during the lockdown period, recognizing the growing opportunities for women in MMA. Her debut fight at 2024 PFL Europe 2 against Mirela Vargas marks the beginning of this new chapter.

While Marshall and Shields maintain a competitive rivalry, Marshall acknowledges the insights Shields provided before her PFL signing. This collaboration, despite their differences, underscores the mutual respect and shared understanding of the challenges in MMA.

The flexibility offered by PFL, allowing Marshall to pursue both boxing and MMA, was a crucial factor in her decision. This strategic approach not only keeps her active but also provides room for exploration and growth within both sports.

As Marshall prepares for her debut in the MMA arena, the anticipation for a potential rematch with Shields continues to build, setting the stage for a captivating storyline in the world of combat sports.


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