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Sean O’ Malley hints at move to Featherweight in the future

Sean O'Malley, a rising contender in the UFC's bantamweight division, has made a name for himself thus far. And as he progresses through the ranks, he sees himself fighting in the weight class above.

In a recent video posted to his YouTube channel, "Sugar" Sean discussed a possible featherweight move with his trainer Tim Welch.

“I’m 27 years old, I’m gonna be in this sport for ten more years. I think I will bump up to ’45, especially when my jiu-jitsu is at a level that I’m like, ‘f—k with me.’

“I’m very confident in my jiu-jitsu, but once it gets to a point where I feel like Charles (Oliveira) on the ground, I’ll move up to ’45.”

Even without the jiu-jitsu prowess he's aiming for, O'Malley claims he can hold his own at 145 pounds.

“At ’45 right now, people are probably bigger than me. Even now, (if) I go up to ’45, I feel like I could still beat a lot of those turds.

“The top, top guys, I’ll have trouble with right now, but it’s ‘cause I’m trying to keep my weight down and low enough for 135.”

For the time being, O'Malley is preparing to face former champion Petr Yan at UFC 280 on October 22 in Abu Dhabi.

However, he has been labeled a huge underdog in his next fight. Many experts think the matchup is too big of a step for the Suga Show. But he remains calm and focused on his training.

In an interview with Helen Yee he stated that he intends to put on a show at UFC 280 by surprising many doubters. “ I’m a little surprised, but also I kind of get it from other people’s perspective. But I believe I’m better than Petr Yan, and I believe I’m going to go out there and beat his ass, so I guess I am kind of surprised.”

What do you guys think? Can Sean O'Malley beat Petr Yan at UFC 280 and challenge for the title in the future?


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