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Sean O'Malley will be 'dealt with for his incest comments, vows Bryce Mitchell

By defeating Petr Yan in a split decision at UFC 280, Sean O'Malley defied the odds and the predictions of many others, including Bryce Mitchell. O'Malley unquestionably demonstrated that he belongs in the top tier of the bantamweight class, even though many thought it was contentious.

Mitchell added his name to a lengthy list of competitors who criticized O'Malley's decision victory over Yan. However. 'Thug Nasty' also acknowledged that he only once watched the bout and didn't keep score. The featherweight champion couldn't deny that he was enthralled by the show. Added the 28-year-old:

"I only watched it once. Maybe if I rewatched it, I wouldn't have the same opinion. I don't know. But I thought that Yan won. I thought he won every round but I was just watching it more just cause it was exciting, you know. I wasn't even thinking. I wasn't even trying to keep score. It was exciting. I was thoroughly entertained by the fight. But I just remember after the fight having this overwhelming sense of confidence that Yan won."

Recently, Bryce Mitchell and Sean O'Malley got into a Twitter argument over 'Sugar's' matchup with Petr Yan at UFC 280. After "Thug Nasty" said that the bantamweight star wasn't deserving of his match against Yan, O'Malley accused Mitchell's family of incest.

In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda MMA, Mitchell was asked for his opinion on O'Malley's remarks. The featherweight champion declared firmly:

"Ya, he called me inbred... You know, I'm gonna deal with that when I see him."

The possibility of a future confrontation between Mitchell and O'Malley was also broached. Given his height, "Sugar" will inevitably go up to featherweight in the future, according to "Thug Nasty" (5ft 11in). Mitchell thinks they'll fight when it happens.

"He's six-foot something tall... He needs to move up a weight class. And I do believe that we're gonna clash."

Yan was expected to defeat O'Malley in a fight that "Sugar" wasn't deserving of in the first place, according to "Thug Nasty." After defeating "No Mercy," Mitchell made some remarks, to which O'Malley responded:

“Your dad f***ed his sister to make you.”


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