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Sean Strickland Not Fighting Darren Till :

Sean Starkland and Darren Tull were expected to attend a major UFC event. But everyone's happiness was dashed when Sean Strickland had no interest in accepting Darren Till's call. With Luke Rockhold out of the UFC 268 event due to injury, Strickland is in a position to find a key opponent. Darren Till was one of the people who called him out. He said he had been offered a fight by the UFC's controversial middleweight contender. And they were interested in doing it. However, it seems that Strickland may not feel that way. Taking to his Twitter account, he revealed that he is more interested in a fight with Paulo Costa, but if that doesn't work, he will face Jack Harmanson instead. "I'm not fighting Darren Till anyway. I want Costa and if Costa can't put wine and cookies, I need Jack," explained Strickland. Competing against Costa or Hermannson for Strickland given the pace of his career at the moment, and the fact that he is above that, will help bring him closer to the creek in the middleweight title. While Fight TV and senior analysts believe it could be linked to Darren Till, who has always been a big competitor, but ranks below Strickland, and has been in the top three since moving to the middleweight division. Has lost two fights. No matter what the UFC decides to do, there is really no bad match to make in the upper 185lb. Would you rather see Sean Strickland fighting Paolo Costa or Jack Harmanson instead of Darren Till? Who do you think Darren Till should fight when he returns to Octagon?


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