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Sean Strickland Wasn't Joking. He Really Wants To Kill People

So basically Sean Strickland's buddy was picking at him about a tweet Sean deleted and this unfolded. Sean makes it very clear with statements like - "you're just a baby lamb put on this earth to be eaten." And "if me and you met up and I had one free pass, I'd take your soul."

What kind of medieval biblical smack talk is Sean Strickland laying on this man? I feel like Sean Strickland is a Baptist preacher and I'm stuck in sermon at the front and he keeps pointing to me, telling me what the devil is gonna do to me.

Sean Strickland is like the Silverback you encounter on a safari, but on Twitter. Steve Erwin accent and everyone - "be very careful, don't make eye contact. He'll get very angry."

So yeah. Good thing Mr. Strickland has pursued a career in violence because otherwise I can't really see what this guy might be happy doing. Besides maybe being a butcher or a creepy graveyard grounds keeper.

Fight.TV wants to know what you think Sean Strickland would be doing for a career if combat sports didn't exist. Share and comment what you think! Also maybe best to avoid him after you do.


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