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Sergio Pettis defends bantamweight title against Kyoji Horiguchi at Bellator 272 on Dec. 3

Scott Cooker, president of BELLATOR, spoke about the event. It's always a special occasion when you have a champion vs. champion fight, I'm excited to face Sergio Pettis and Kyoji Horiguchi for the BELLATOR World Championship on December 3rd. Due to our strong working relationship with RIZIN there have been many strong feuds between our promotions and I look forward to this as we look forward to 2022. " While RIZIN CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara said, I would like to take this opportunity to thank BELLATOR and Scott Coker for giving our RIZIN Bantamweight Champion Kyoji Horiguchi the opportunity to challenge the BELLATOR Championship. I am thrilled to say that Horigochi's challenge is the first step that BELLATOR and RIZIN have planned. BELLATOR and RIZIN's ambitious challenges and battles will begin on December 3. The booking came after Horiguchi signed an agreement to join the Bellator roster, while in June 2019, Horiguchi was given a loan by RIZIN to Baleter for a one-sided fight against Darrion Caldwell - a contest by Horiguchi to become the champion. Won by a unanimous decision. But unfortunately, Horigochi suffered a knee injury that caused him to relinquish the honor while recovering from surgery. Belter then crowned a new bantamweight champion in the young Archoletta, who lost to Pattis by a unanimous decision in May. Now the former UFC title contender will try to regain the belt he never lost in the cage. Pattis (21-5 MMA, 3-0 BMMA), on the other hand, won its first major promotional title in May when it defeated then-champion Juan Archoletta by a unanimous decision in the main contest of the Blatter 258. The victories include big names like Ricky Bandeja, Alfred Khashakian, and Tyson. The question is, will Horiguchi regain his title?


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