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Shakur Stevenson's Comeback Teased by De La Hoya

Shakur Stevenson finds himself at a crossroads in his career as he seeks a significant bout in the highly competitive division he currently occupies. Despite being part of a talent-rich weight class that includes formidable names like Vasiliy Lomachenko and Gervonta Davis, Stevenson has faced challenges in securing high-profile matchups.

Shakur Stevenson

The frustration began when top contenders in his division declined opportunities to face him, leading to missed opportunities for significant fights. A potential showdown with Frank Martin fell through at the last moment, adding to Stevenson's disappointment. His hopes for matches against Lomachenko and Emanuel Navarrete also failed to materialize, pushing him to his breaking point.

In a surprising turn of events, Stevenson announced his retirement, a decision met with skepticism by many in the boxing community. Despite his insistence on the validity of his retirement, doubts linger about his intentions.

Oscar De La Hoya, while not personally acquainted with Stevenson, expressed bewilderment at the young boxer's retirement, citing his exceptional talent and potential. De La Hoya questioned Stevenson's decision, emphasizing the importance of patience in securing the right fights.

For Stevenson to reconsider his retirement, he would need a compelling opponent to reignite his passion for the sport. De La Hoya, lacking top-tier fighters in Stevenson's weight class, proposed a potential matchup between Stevenson and William Zepeda as a means to lure Stevenson back into the ring.

"I would love to make William Zepeda vs. Shakur Stevenson happen," De La Hoya stated, addressing Stevenson directly. "Shakur, please come out of retirement. Let's make that fight happen."

The prospect of a high-stakes bout against Zepeda could be the catalyst Stevenson needs to revive his career and reclaim his status as one of boxing's most promising talents.


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