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Shakur Stevenson shares crazy experience of sparring Heavyweight Jarred Anderson

Shakur Stevenson is courageous enough to spar with anyone, but he won't be practicing heavyweight Jared Anderson again.

Stevenson, a two-weight world champion at featherweight and super featherweight, is extremely confident in his abilities and fears no man in the ring.

Having said that, he may have gone too far when he decided to spar his friend, Anderson, who has a perfect 13-0 record with 13 KOs and is tipped to become a future heavyweight champion.

Asked about their sparring session, Stevenson told talkSPORT: “Man, that dude is crazy.

“I spar with everybody and I don’t really care who I get in the ring with, but I’m not sparring him no more.

“Even though he’s bigger than me, at the end of the day he’s a competitor and he’s still going to compete, so you don’t want to get in there with a 240 lb guy who is being competitive with you.

“He may feel like he’s trying to pull his punches, but they’re still big punches.

“It was good work and that’s my brother, I’m going to be with him through his whole career. I’ll be right there every step of the way and even when the camera is off, it’s all love.

“I think he’s got all the tools, I’m in the gym with this guy and I get to see him everyday, sparring and everything and I don’t see anybody as talented as him in the heavyweight division.

“The only way you can is by trying to catch him with a big shot, but even that will be hard because when he gets hit with big shots he gets mad and he gets to beating people up.”

Anderson's promoter, Bob Arum, recently predicted that he would take over the heavyweight division, saying, "I would put him in with anybody because there's something magical about Anderson."

Arum even stated that 'Big Baby' would be ready to face Fury in a stadium fight in Las Vegas in 2024.


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