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Shocking low payout revealed for PFL 4

Following a midseason hiatus, the PFL resumed its 2023 schedule last week, and PFL 4 ended up offering some noteworthy performances and upsets that helped determine the playoff brackets for the promotion's light heavyweight and men's featherweight contenders.

The event took place in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission released the full purses paid to the competing fighters only a few days after the bout.

PFL 4 did feature a handful of the promotion's more well-known figures who seem to have been fairly compensated, but the $3K paid to some of the prelim combatants stands out the most from the revealed purses.

In the first two fights of PFL 4, Brandy Hester and Akeem Bashir both made their PFL debuts. For Hester, a clash with Abby Montes was her first-ever pro match.

Their separate promotions were derailed by first-round stoppage defeats, but assuming their winnings would have doubled, the most Hester or Bashi could have earned was only $6,000.

The top men's featherweights Movlid Khaybulaev and Bubba Jenkins, who both won their fights by submission and secured a spot in the 2023 PFL playoffs, received the largest rewards from the card: $100K each.


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