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Short Biography Of Vernon Forrest

Surely many of you boxing fans remember Vernon Forrest.

Talking about Vernon Forrest is talking about a boxer who was world welterweight and super welterweight champion.

In his career he beat Shane Mosley twice, other notable wins were against Carlos Baldomir and Sergio Mora.

Another of his achievements was being chosen by The Ring magazine as the best boxer of the year 2002.

Forrest had 45 professional fights and only lost 3 times, 2 times against Ricardo Mayorga and 1 against Sergio Mora. Precisely against Sergio Mora he had his last fight as a professional, on that occasion Forrest took revenge and defeated Mora to be crowned WBC super welterweight world champion. Unfortunately 10 months later in an attempted assault, Vernon Forrest was shot and killed in Atlanta. But without a doubt his memory remains in the memory of fans worldwide.


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