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Should Gable Stevenson Try MMA?

If you've been following the Olympics, then you know that Gable Stevenson just took Gold for U.S wrestling. People are already coming out of the woodwork to talk about him pursuing a career in combat sports. We all want to see what this guy would do in the UFC or Belator.

Do good wrestler translate to good fighters? Often yes. Wrestling is a good testament of athleticism. The romans started wrestling in their Olympics because they found out if someone can control a fight grappling then to the ground, they're usually the one who will win without any rules in a fight.

Gable is 21 years old, 6'1", and 260 pounds so we could be guaranteed he'll be competing at heavyweight if he joins the MMA world. There's also talk of him going into pro wrestling like Kurt Angle did after Olympic wrestling. Let's hope Gable chooses the real stuff.

Regardless of what this young man chooses to do with his career, we can rest assured there will be fireworks just like he managed to do at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic games.


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