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Should UFC Ban Knee Kicks

The oblique kick has come under fire after Khalil Rountree devastated Modestas Bukauskas with a TKO by it. Basically this kick focuses striking on the oblique but causes the knee to contort and buckle under the force. Often causing permanent damage.

Jon Jones did it, along with many other fighters. It's brutal and it's mean, but hey so is punching people or choking them. The fighter community is split on whether this kick should be banned or should be embraced. It's hard to say really.

Fight fans are also on the fence. Who should really be making the decision here is fighters and in my opinion, with each contract. Instead of making a cookie cutter rule list that all fighters must abide by.

Why don't we have custom contracts per fight? Where you can choose to allow certain strikes or submissions and things of that nature. I feel this would solve the problems where different fighters have different opinions.

We could also base our favorite fighters off how they handle their contracts. Otherwise we just need to focus on building a general consensus- ban the oblique kick or embrace it? Fight.TV wants to know! What do you think?


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