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Slim Albaher Comes Back to Knock Out Salt Papi

Slim Albaher had a slow start but a spectacular finish. He was losing the fight early on, but he survived Salt Papi’s onslaught and made a comeback that earned him the Misfits boxing middleweight title. He landed a hard punch on Salt Papi at the beginning of the fourth round, then followed it up with a huge right hand that landed cleanly during a brawl against the ropes.

Slim didn’t stop there. He hit Salt Papi with another powerful punch that sent him to the floor. Salt Papi got up again, but Slim didn’t let him get away. He unleashed a flurry of punches that made the referee step in and stop the fight. The fight was over at 2:54 in the fourth round, and Slim celebrated his knockout win.

“What a fight,” Slim said after the fight. “You made me work. I gave him his props. I took this fight, I needed to push him. I got that right hand sniper baby, all it takes is one. He did not know where he was when I dropped him that first time.”

Before the knockout, Salt Papi was dominating the fight as he chased Albaher around the ring and threw punches non-stop. Albaher had a big height and reach advantage, but he couldn’t keep Salt Papi from getting inside and doing damage. It was a remarkable perf


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