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Slim vs Tom Zanetti fight report

Fighting as the co-main of an explosive Misfits x DAZN 004 card that had seen upsets, explosions and knockouts with the main fight of KSI and Faze Temper yet to come.

Slim is no stranger to the influencer boxing scene, amassing a record of 5-0 with 4 of which coming by way of knockout, causing a meteorite rise of the Brooklyn man with his name linked with a fight with KSI.

While music star Tom Zanetti comes into this fight making his debut, as a wide underdog. He did win a lot of the fans over with his public workout however, showcasing sharp and powerful combinations, delivered with speed and technique. Fans were keen to point out Slim was seemingly shook at what he was witnessing ringside, something Tom Zanetti was eager to make clear in the weigh in yesterday.

Both men had a lot of respect for each other in the build up when talking their game, both fighters confident in their skill set to bring back the victory.

Slim has set his eyes on a KSI fight in the future, claiming the Brit ‘ducked’ him in favour of his fight with Faze Temper on the same card. Slim would have to of course get through Tom first, a formidable opponent with a lot to offer, a spanner in the road for the Brooklyn fighter.

Tom walked out in confidence to his walkout, to the unusual ring walk sound of Coldplay. Eating up the energy of the crowd as the music switched up to Gorillaz.

Slim, who is known by the community for his quirky walkouts himself, did not disappoint as he coldly walked out to a choreographed display backed by breakdancers with a dance himself to the enjoyment of the British crowd.

Round One

The fight started with explosions, heavy pace with both fighters being erratic and both landing. Tom Zanetti getting the better of his opponent, landing his right and screaming at his opponent, before making him miss. Slim responded well with a good combination.

Slim rocked Zanetti with a big right hand, taking the fight to the ropes with Zanetti lucky to stay on his feet before regaining himself and fighting his way back in.

An explosive round came to an end, both fighters landing well but the edge being given to Slim, who inflicted a lot of damage on his opponent, who appears to have a granite chin.

Round Two

The fight was nearly dragged into a wrestling match on the ropes after Tom lands well, Zanetti coming out with fire and landing well.

Tom seemingly tired as Slim lands a slick right hand midway through the round before cracking combinations on Tom who struggled around the ring, continuing to take big shots.

Slim looking for the knockout with 30 seconds left on the clock, Tom taking a lot of punishment and fighting back.

Another Slim round.

Round Three

Both fighters trade at the start of the round, Slim landing a heavy right hand that didn’t affect Tom.

Tom gassed but landing a good combination, while demonstrating his granite chin by taking huge shots from Slim, who looks to end it.

Slim slipping shots well and his counters sharp as he lands on Tom Zanetti repeatedly.

With 30 second left on the clock, Tom lands a big combination that seemingly hurts his opponent, not taking advantage of the hurt Slim but enough to take the round, making the fourth and final round a big one.

Both fighters landed big, both showing their chins are strong.

Round Four

Tom comes out landing the better shots, techniques out of the window for both fighters.

Zanetti landing shots, while defensively responding well to Slims punches.

The pace of the fight slowed down as the fight came to a close, both fighters gassed as the bell rang for the end of the fight, embracing into a hug.

A fight that could go both ways, with Slim likely edging it and a draw not out of question as the fighters joined the referee awaiting the result.

After being awarded a unanimous decision win, Slims arm was raised as he retained the Misfits Belt in a very tough war with Tom Zanetti, a fight that may have given his opponents the key to beating him.

Slim will now be looking to fighting KSI next, calling him out in his post fight interview.


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