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Some advice from Marciano.

I saw this great piece of advice for all you young fighters starting out from Rocky Marciano himself. The only heavyweight champ to retire undefeated.

"All the time you're getting ready for a fight, working hard, but relaxed, always surrounded by people, never alone. And then suddenly it's time and you go out there, you and the other guy, and you're all alone out there in front of all those people and you have to take what you've learned and use it without making any bad mistakes, because one slip and it might be all over and there might not be another chance. You don't think of the money, although that's what you're in there for. You don't think of the crowd, although you sometimes hear them. You're trying to concentrate. You have your pride. All you want to do is win. And it's just you and him and only one of you can win".

- Rocky Marciano

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