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Stamp Fairtex: From Atomweight Champion to Strawweight Contender

Stamp Fairtex eyes two division championship
Stamp Fairtex

In the pulsating world of ONE Championship, Stamp Fairtex stands as a beacon of versatility and dominance, poised to defend her atomweight MMA crown while setting her sights on conquering the strawweight division. As she gears up for her upcoming showdown against Denice Zamboanga at ONE 167 in Bangkok, Stamp's ambitions transcend mere title defenses.

Stamp's journey in combat sports is nothing short of extraordinary. Holding titles in kickboxing, Muay Thai, and now MMA, the Thai sensation embodies excellence across multiple disciplines. Her upcoming clash with Zamboanga, a former training partner turned formidable adversary, promises fireworks as Stamp braces for the challenge.

"I'm excited because it is my first time defending the belt," Stamp remarks, acknowledging Zamboanga's tenacity. "I think the way she can take me down and pressure me makes her dangerous."

The camaraderie between Stamp and Zamboanga during their time at Fairtex Gym in Pattaya adds an intriguing layer to their impending battle. While the prospect of facing each other loomed, it was a subject left unspoken, yet unmistakably understood.

Stamp's ambitions, however, extend beyond atomweight supremacy. Witnessing Phetjeeja Lukjaoporongtom's triumph at Lumpinee Stadium reignited her desire to reclaim the atomweight kickboxing belt. But Stamp's aspirations don't end there; she harbors a groundbreaking goal of becoming the first fighter to hold MMA titles in two weight divisions.

With her showdown against Zamboanga set in stone, Stamp's gaze shifts towards the strawweight throne, currently occupied by Xiong Jing Nan. Eager to test her mettle against a fellow striker, Stamp envisions a clash devoid of takedowns, fueled by raw skill and sheer determination.

Standing three inches shorter than Xiong, Stamp faces a physical disparity, yet her unwavering resolve knows no bounds. As she embarks on this ambitious journey, Stamp seeks to etch her name in the annals of martial arts history, transcending weight classes to cement her legacy.

As Stamp prepares to defend her atomweight title, the allure of additional belts beckons, hinting at a future where her dominance knows no bounds.


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