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Stamp Fairtex: From Humble Beginnings to Three-Sport ONE Champion

In the world of combat sports, some athletes shine brightly, capturing our hearts and inspiring us with their dedication and perseverance. One such shining star is Stamp Fairtex, whose remarkable journey culminated in a historic achievement: becoming a three-sport titleholder in the ONE Championship. As she proudly declared,

"I think I’m the only woman, and I’m the first person who has achieved this title."

On a Friday night at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Kallang, Stamp Fairtex danced her way to the cage, exuding confidence and grace. Her opponent, UFC alumnus Seo Hee Ham, stood as a formidable obstacle. However, Fairtex, with her extraordinary skill set and unwavering determination, emerged victorious in the ONE Fight Night 14 headliner, claiming the ONE Championship 115-pound title. This momentous win was made even more special as it followed Angela Lee's impromptu retirement, which led to the vacating of the title.

Fairtex's achievement goes beyond the conventional realm of combat sports. It's not merely a championship; it's a trifecta of titles. She now holds the MMA title, alongside the promotion's kickboxing and Muay Thai titles. This remarkable feat is a testament to her versatility and unparalleled skill in the world of martial arts.

What's more, after the fight, she received the championship torch from her idol and former opponent, Angela Lee, in a touching passing of the torch moment. Fairtex expressed her gratitude, saying,

"She told me herself I would be the next champ, which I feel very honored for."

However, Fairtex's journey to this pinnacle of success has been nothing short of extraordinary. Raised in humble beginnings, she knows the value of hard work, determination, and the unwavering support of family.

"My family, when I grew up, we were poor," she reflected. "We didn't have a lot in financials. ... That's how I realized I only have my family. My family is all I had, and they will always be there for me."

Though Fairtex sported a slight injury under her right eye during the post-fight news conference, her spirit and determination remained undiminished. As for what's next for this remarkable champion, she welcomes all challengers but acknowledges the need for a well-deserved break to rest and spend quality time with her family.

"I'd love to fight with anyone who is on the way," she proclaimed.

Stamp Fairtex's star continues to rise, and her story is a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring athletes around the world.


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