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Stephen Thompson Remains Optimistic Amid UFC 291 Pay Delay

Despite his fight at UFC 291 being canceled due to Michel Pereira's weight miss, Stephen Thompson is facing another challenge - getting paid for the bout that never happened.

The UFC 291 showdown was set to mark Thompson's return to the Octagon, but Pereira's failure to make the welterweight limit resulted in Thompson refusing to fight at a catchweight. Despite going through an entire training camp, making weight, and fulfilling all fight week obligations, Thompson is yet to receive any compensation.

In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani on "The MMA Hour", Thompson confirmed that discussions are ongoing, but no payment has been made yet. Remaining optimistic, he believes the UFC will eventually do right by him.

"My management is talking to the UFC, (but) nothing yet (compensation-wise). I know Dana White is on vacation... but I feel like the UFC is going to do right by me. I’ve done everything that I’m supposed to do, and I tried to be as honorable as possible when it comes down to signing my contract and abiding by it," Thompson said.

The disappointment of missing out on his UFC 291 fight was compounded by the extensive preparation Thompson underwent. Engaging five coaches and a nutritionist, he invested substantial effort in getting ready for the bout.

"One hundred percent, I’ll be disappointed. Who wouldn’t be? When you show up, and you’re on point, and you have done nothing wrong, and your opponent has, it would just really stink if that was the case. But me being the positive guy that I am, I feel like they’re going to do right by me, and that’s why I’m still smiling right now," Thompson expressed.

Looking ahead, Thompson is eager to step back into the Octagon at UFC 295 on November 11. However, he refuses to face Pereira again, given his opponent's failure to make weight.

"I already gave him the opportunity. I gave you the shot. I gave you the chance to beat a veteran out here... to prove yourself to the UFC that you deserve to take the spot and move up the rankings, and now you showed me that you don’t deserve this," Thompson explained.

As Thompson awaits the resolution of his compensation issue, he remains positive that the UFC will eventually recognize his efforts and dedication. The welterweight contender is hopeful that the promotion will honor his commitment and ensure he gets paid for the hard work put into the now-canceled UFC 291 fight.


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