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Strickland: Loves The Underdog Spot.

Sean Strickland is rising to the occasion and is loving the underdog spot, its motivates him. In yesterday's press confrence he reminded me of legendary fighter and former Champion Don "The Preditor" Frye not because he was wearing a cowboy hat and rugged looks but because of his attitude towards fighting and how he criticsizes fighters who paint their hair and do their nails like his opponent for saturday night non other than the middleweight champ Israel Adesanya. Also because he has worked his way to the top by beating top contenders to get his title shot. Strickland has defenitly has won his shot, but not many give him a chance of winning and they forget something very important is that Strickland has nothing to lose and that makes him really dangerous. I think its going to be a good fight and I believe Strickland win or lose he will get everyones respect.


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