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IBF Flyweight World Champ Sunny Edwards wants a global tour consisting of three fights. Not just any three fights, he wants the best in the división. He wants his tour to start in Mexico going against WBC Champ Julio Cesar Martínez. Then he wants to go to London and fight Jesse "Bam" Rodríguez. Then to end his tour he wants WBO Champ Junto Nakatani in Japan. He wants Nakatani in Japan for New Years Eve. New Years Eve is a special date in Japan for boxing events kind of like Cinco de Mayo for Mexicans. Those are Sunnys plans but its easier said then done, he wants to fight the killers of the Flyweight división. If he can get those fights and start his tour , can he finish it? Those three opponents he wants can also beat him , its a coin toss. Thats why I think he deserves respect for wanting to do that tour, If it does happen it will be fireworks although my opinión is that I dont think he can beat all three of them. I just dont see him beating "Bam" Rodríguez ,of all three on his wish list he is in my opinión the hardest of them all. I admire your guts Sunny , good luck.


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