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Sunny Edwards Tells Brother Charlie: Climb the Rankings for a Shot at the World Title

Title: Sunny Edwards Tells Brother Charlie: Climb the Rankings for a Shot at the World Title

IBF flyweight champion Sunny Edwards has made it clear to his brother Charlie that if he wants a shot at his world title, he must first work his way up the rankings. Despite the fractured relationship between the two, talk of a potential family clash in the ring refuses to fade away. Sunny is set to return to action on June 10 against Andres Campos in his first fight since signing with Matchroom. While acknowledging Charlie's desire for attention, Sunny believes his brother is currently in obscurity and needs to establish himself before earning a shot at the world title.

Sibling Rivalry and Clout-Chasing

Sunny Edwards, 27, has dismissed Charlie's calls for a fight, accusing him of being a clout-chaser. The former WBC flyweight champion, Charlie, 30, has not competed since December 2021. Sunny believes his brother's recent interest in fighting him stems from a desire for attention, especially after Sunny signed with Charlie's previous promoter. While understanding his brother's need for recognition, Sunny maintains that Charlie must first prove himself by climbing the rankings.

No Opportunities in Obscurity

Sunny Edwards, currently at the top of his game as a world champion with multiple career prospects and storylines, feels there is little incentive for him to grant his brother a title shot. He emphasizes that Charlie is currently in a state of obscurity, with not enough accomplishments to warrant a fight against the reigning champion. Sunny points out that Charlie never offered him a world title shot when he held the belt himself, and he would have gladly taken it if given the opportunity.

Parental Perspectives

Sunny admits that their mother, Terry, would strongly oppose the idea of her sons facing each other in the ring. However, their father, Larry, who played a pivotal role in their boxing journeys, has always harbored the hope of seeing his sons fight. Larry believed that Sunny and Charlie were the two best boxers Britain had ever seen, surpassing the likes of the Klitschko brothers and others. With both brothers winning world titles, Larry now believes it is time to give the world what he has always believed— a showcase between the best fighters Britain has produced.

A History of Spar Sessions

Sunny reflects on their past sparring sessions, recalling that as a teenager, he would go toe-to-toe with Charlie, who is three years older. However, as Sunny improved, Charlie stopped inviting him to spar and has since refused to face him in the ring. While Sunny understands his father's desire for an exhibition fight between the two, he believes that such an opportunity is unlikely to be presented to them.


Sunny Edwards, the IBF flyweight champion, has informed his brother Charlie that he must climb the rankings if he wishes to challenge for the world title. Sunny remains skeptical of Charlie's motivations, accusing him of seeking attention through clout-chasing. Despite their fractured relationship, the idea of a family showdown continues to circulate. While their mother would oppose such a bout, their father has long hoped to witness an exhibition between the best boxers Britain has produced. However, Sunny does not foresee the opportunity arising, emphasizing the need for Charlie to establish himself before any potential clash can take place.


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